2015-2017 Strategic Plan


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Customer-focused and results-driven


  1. Determine the community need for services
  2. Maintain staff knowledge of best practices and service delivery
  3. Design programs to be responsive to community need and aligned with best practices
  4. Evaluate services for impact and make changes as needed

Fiscally sound and financially well managed


  1. Maintain and strengthen relationships with existing supporters
  2. Cultivate relationships with and solicit a diverse group of potential supporters
  3. Improve accuracy of financial records and capacity to generate strategic information
  4. Operate within budget

Effectively led, managed, staffed, and supported


  1. Strengthen the Board’s understanding of the agency as well as their engagement and support
  2. Diversify Board membership
  3. Attract and retain qualified staff
  4. Improve internal business processes

Viewed as experts in our field


  1. Increase awareness of the needs of at-risk children and youth
  2. Increase awareness of CHS services
  3. Increase awareness of systemic challenges that negatively impact the availability of permanency for children


To build strong permanent families and lifelong relationships for Virginia’s at-risk children


A thriving family for every child


Integrity: Integrity is at the core of who we are and everything we do. The CHS family is one grounded in principles and values.

Collaboration: We actively seek mutually beneficial partnerships and build teams for strategic, sustainable success. Just like with family, the best outcomes come from working together.

Compassion: We are passionate about our mission and care deeply about the individuals, families, and communities we serve. We’re like a protective big brother and doting mother rolled into one.

Service: We exist to serve others, and we are committed to providing a superior level of service to each and every customer. We consider everyone we impact, and everyone who impacts us, part of our CHS family.