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CHS is developing a new video about who we are and what we do, and we need kids’ artwork to include in the film!

We are collecting WORDS, which we will use in the finished video. Meaningful words. Words that tell the story of what kids and families experience. If you can help, please share your artwork with us.


Please use only 8.5×11 white paper, one word per page. Please put your name on the back (make sure it won’t bleed through!).

The words can be written in any color, in any medium: crayon, marker, paint, pencil, pen, anything goes! The word can be cursive or print. The kids can also decorate the word or draw a picture on the page, as long as the word stands out. The idea is to represent the words in a way that is uniquely individual and completely representative of each child. An 8-year-old will have different writing than a 14-year-old, for example. The goal is not perfection — it’s REAL. Each child may submit more than one word.

Here are the words to choose:

* Hope
* Family
* Forever
* Love
* Believe
* Trust
* Special
* Future
* Safe
* Strength
* Commitment
* Help me
* Love me
* My future
* My life
* Adoption = Love
* A new beginning
* This is who I am
* My story

Thank you in advance for your help! Please mail (flat) or drop off your art at CHS by Monday, March 8. We won’t be able to use every piece of art that’s shared, but we will share the final video and you can see whether yours was selected. Submission of artwork grants permission for it to be published, shared, and displayed by CHS.
Questions? Please email CHS Marketing and Communications Director Amy Favreau at

We can’t wait to see your creativity!