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Hello! We are honored to have the opportunity to share our story with you.  We have been married for twelve years. Our lives are largely centered amongst family and friends.  We both come from big families and enjoy spending time with them.  Holidays, special occasions and birthdays are spent celebrating together.  We have always dreamed of one day having a family of our own.  We would love to share our wonderful family experiences with a child.

Here’s our story….

We met about fifteen years ago while Faith was working with Darrell’s aunt.  We became friends and started dating shortly thereafter.  We have not been apart since!  We began discussing plans for our future.  A wedding, a home and most importantly – a family.

We knew that we wanted to start a family soon after we got married.  During the first few years we experienced some heartache that we had not gotten pregnant.  After several doctor visits and tests we were unsure that we would be able to start a family of our own due to infertility issues.

We attended a church service awhile later and it was an eye opening experience for us.  It was adoption Sunday at the church we visited.  What wonderful and inspiring stories were shared with us that day.  We started discussing plans to adopt as soon as we left the service.  We knew this is what we had been waiting for.  We are so excited that we might be able to have the opportunity to love a child and have them be a part of our family. We continue to hope and pray for our “blessing” to happen for us.

As the years have gone by, we continue to have the belief that we are meant to have children in our lives.  We have embraced being an aunt and uncle to our 13 nieces and nephews (9 girls and 4 boys).  We are also honorary “Aunt Faith and Uncle D” to our friend’s children as well.  We enjoy spending time with them.  Sleepovers, game nights, etc. are some of our favorite memories of spending time with them.

Now a little about Darrell….

I grew up in a large family full of laughter, pranks and most of all – love.  I am very close to my mother and father as well as my sister, brother-in-law and niece.  We have several family gatherings throughout the year that include my five aunts and uncles and numerous cousins.

I am a Parts Manager at an automotive collision center.  I have worked in the automotive field since I was out of high school.  I enjoy working on cars and tinkering with small repairs at the house.  On the side, I enjoy music and own a DJ business.  Several times a year I DJ weddings, birthday parties, etc.

I consider myself kind of a musical guy.  I grew up playing in the band in high school.  I enjoy all genres of music and can dance (when no one is watching)!   I spend some of my free time watching NASCAR and football.  I also can appreciate a good action packed movie or comedy.

Now a little about Faith….

I grew up in a fairly small town in Virginia and had lots of family around me.  My Mom and Dad are still my greatest support system.  I have an older sister that is married and has ten children.  I also have a younger brother who is married and has two children.  I spend a lot of time with my family and good friends.

I have always enjoyed being around children and dreamed of one day having a child of my own.  Throughout high school and college I worked at daycare centers and was a live-in nanny.  About ten years ago I decided to start my own daycare out of my home.  I have had the pleasure of being able to take care of these precious children as they grow.  I love seeing their excited faces each morning.  I know that this is truly what I was meant to do each day. I can’t wait to share the joy of raising a child and seeing their amazing personalities grow and develop through the years.

I spend some of my free time trying out new recipes or reading a good romance book.  I appreciate a decent action movie too.  (As long as there isn’t too much blood!)  And I especially like watching a sappy romantic comedy.  I’m not a big sports fan but I do watch a good football game occasionally.

Our home and neighborhood…..

We purchased our dream home in 2013.  We say “dream home” because we know that this is where we want to raise our children.  It has an amazing back yard.  Perfect for the impromptu game of catch, hide and seek, new swing set, etc.  We live in a rambler style house that has three bedrooms and two bathrooms.  We also have a large family room that is perfect for family events or the quiet evening at home.

On any given day you can find people taking a walk through our neighborhood.  We have gotten to know several of our neighbors and they are a combination of grandparents and families with small children.  We have become involved in our neighborhood watch program and last summer had an ice cream block party to get to know others living nearby.

We have been involved in local church organizations over the past ten years.  We were involved in events such as Vacation Bible School, Christmas plays, community awareness events, etc.  We believe in getting to know your community and participating in the welfare of those around you.

So now you know a little about us and our background.  What else should you know? 

Our purpose…..

We treasure so many of the unique relationships that we have in our lives.   We know that people come into your life for a reason.  We have a strong faith that God will provide what is meant to be.  When God puts a desire in your heart it is for a specific purpose.

We believe that if you are reading this, that you have a desire to do everything you can for your child.  We are blessed that you may be considering us for your adoptive plan.  We encourage you to draw support from the people around you just as we have done throughout our lives.  We know that you will create an adoptive plan….in fact, a “love” plan for your child.  We say “love” plan because there is no greater love than what you are doing for your child.