We Believe in Permanence

It is my honor to serve as the Children’s Home Society (CHS) Chair of the Board of Directors.  CHS was founded in 1900 to find permanent families for homeless orphans, and today, 118 years later we are still working with a new generation of children with no place to call home. Many of the children are medically fragile, have been exposed to poor care or drugs and alcohol in utero, or were languishing in foster care after having been abused or neglected by their biological families. CHS is committed to create families for all children, irrespective of their difficult starts. As the face of adoption and family dynamics have changed, so too have the governing needs of CHS.

Children’s Home Society believes in Permanence, which is when a child is unconditionally anchored and supported by a lifelong, safe, stable, and genuine relationship honoring the child’s traditions, heritage, and connections.  CHS believes that all children and youth are entitled to lifelong relationships, and permanency needs to be approached with a sense of urgency at first contact. Children and youth are resilient and it is important to prioritize their strengths, and that outcomes are optimized when services are evidence based, culturally sensitive, empowering, and collaborative.

We do this through our strategic initiative, which is designed to remain responsive to community need and supportive of our agency’s mission, and is structured to support four high level goals. 1) Customer focused and results-driven; 2) Fiscally sound and financially well managed; 3) Effectively led, managed, staffed and supported; and 4) Viewed as experts in our field.

The CHS Board is passionately committed to promoting our mission of service to some of the Commonwealth’s most vulnerable children and youth. We are united in our belief that when children and youth have safe, supportive permanent relationships in their lives that they are empowered to thrive. We know that statistically speaking, children who grow up in unstable circumstances – including foster care- they are more likely to become homeless, end up in jail, fail to graduate from school, and a myriad of other negative outcomes. But the success stories of the children and youth served by CHS make us all want to continue to spread the word that children and youth are entitled to healthy lifelong relationships. Therefore, our team of committed board members and dedicated professional staff work diligently every day to ensure that at-risk children and youth are connected to strong permanent families and healthy lifelong relationships.  It is a privilege to be part of such a noble mission!


Kathryn S. Wall
2016-17 Board of Directors Chair