Adoption Fees

Home Study Fees

$500 Application Fee
(To be paid upon submission application to CHS. This fee is non-refundable.)
$1,000 Home Study Fee
($500 to be paid after first joint interview and $500 at the home visit interview.)
$500 Home Study Updates
(The fee includes: situations where there is a change of home address or need to update home study due to Virginia or other state agency requirements. To be paid at first interview.)
$1,000 Update of Home Study Previously Completed by CHS
(The fee includes: updating CHS home study done within 24 months of receiving a final order of adoption. $500 to be paid upon submission of application to CHS and $500 at the first visit.)
$50-$150 per person Training
(Adoptive parents are required to complete initial training prior to having an approved home study and subsequent annual training for the duration of the home study. The number of training hours required is based on the age of the child being adopted.)

Placement Fees

$900 Designated Placement Fee (Defined as: when family comes with an identified birth
parent who is planning to place with the family or the birth parent has already placed the child with the family
(The fee includes: simultaneous meeting upon request, collaboration with attorneys, condition of the child visit, court report for the consent hearing case management and support services. To be paid prior to the submission of the report of home study to your attorney.)
$325 (per child) Post-Placement Supervisory Visit
(To be paid after visit is completed. If you are adopting more than one child at the same time, you will be charged $325 per visit for each child.)
$1,500 Interstate Compact Fee
(The fee includes: submitting the home study and any additional documents to the sending state, collaboration with out-of-state attorney as well as Virginia attorney if needed, collaboration with Interstate Compact Unit, supervisory reports sent to Interstate Compact Unit and out-of-state agency, case management and support services. To be paid when family returns to Virginia with child.)

Related Fees

$250 (per child) Court Report and Supporting Documents to Finalize Adoption
(The fee includes: preparation of court report and supporting documents. To be paid
prior to submitting report recommending finalization of adoption. If you are adopting more than one child at the same time, you will be charged $250 per court report for each child.)
$60/hr. Court Appearance Fee
(The fee includes: when client requests that the social worker appear in court or if the
social worker is required by attorneys to be in court and/or subpoenaed to appear in court. To be paid after court appearance.)
$100/hr. Birth Parent Counseling
(The fee includes: birth parent counseling services for parental placements. Included is a written summary of services delivered. To be paid prior to releasing the documentation to customer’s attorney.)

Fees as of July 2019. Fees are non-refundable and subject to change.

Download the CHS PRIVATE ADOPTION Fee Terms and signature page here.

Download the CHS FOSTER CARE ADOPTION Fee Terms and signature page here.