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Mentoring Provides Long-term Positive Connections for Young Adults Transitioning out of Foster Care

Kristen Turso-Whitlow, The Possibilities Project Case Manager

We’ve often heard the term “it takes a village” and think only of raising small children. This same sentiment holds true for supporting young adults as they make the increasingly difficult journey into adulthood. The Possibilities Project is often tasked with helping young adults who have aged out of foster care into homelessness or unstable housing, without this crucial village. Thanks to the wonderful partnerships The Possibilities Project has cultivated with outside providers and organizations in the community, the villages for these young people are getting bigger and stronger.

In addition to professional partnerships, one of the corner stones of TPP has been mentorships and long-term positive adult connections. Our wonderful volunteer mentors have wrapped around these young people, and given them additional supports and guidance that cannot be replicated by paid professionals. These are folks who take our youth out into the community for enriching and new experiences, invite them to family events, or just lend an ear when their mentee is having a rough day. One of our volunteer mentors, Chris, has been connected to his mentee for over two years. When asked to describe his experience as a mentor he said:

Mentoring with CHS provides a unique and rewarding opportunity to work with young adults as they start a very exciting chapter in their lives. The CHS staff is passionate about creating and supporting mentor relationships that help their young adults more towards their goals, and also ensure that the mentors have the resources they need to feel prepared and engaged.  

“While each mentor relationship is different, my experience mentoring through CHS has resulted in a true friendship that has lasted even after my mentee has ‘graduated’ from The Possibilities Project. From catching up over a dinner, to just checking in with a quick text message, hearing about the advances my mentee has made towards achieving his goals is exciting to witness. This has been a truly rewarding experience.”

Children’s Home Society and The Possibilities Project team want to thank ALL of our TPP mentors and workshop facilitators, past and present. We continue to be grateful and humbled by your compassion and kindness. Thank you for being a part of our village and Happy National Mentor Month!