TPP Programs

The Possibilities Project is an innovative program serving young adults ages 18-25 who have aged out of foster care. We offer the best services, settings, and policies to support and lift this population and to empower them to be engaged and productive members of our community. Our goal is for each young adult to achieve independence and build healthy, permanent connections to adults who will provide a lifetime of support and guidance.

The Possibilities Project has two distinct programs; our TPP-Independent Living Arrangement for young adults 18-21 that are participating in Fostering Futures. TPP-ILA is a more structured program with increased supervision and more intensive services. TPP is a housing program for young adults typically 20-25 who are prepared to transition into a more independent lifestyle while utilizing case management and life skills coaching to reach their aspirations.

Why our program works

TPP sets itself apart from other independent living and housing programs because we focus on the unique needs and goals of our participants. Our individualized case management and life coaching are provided through a trauma-focused lens that allows our staff to understand the behaviors, emotions and needs of our clients.

Each program participant has access to critical basics including transportation, medical and mental health services, life skills training, emergency funds and support, and essential living items. To ensure a smooth transition into independence, each youth is coached as they pursue their educational, career and personal goals.

We further engage our program participants by encouraging their input into the program design and empowering them to advocate for systemic social service change to move Virginia out of last place in the nation.

Our outcomes are better

  • 100% of TPP program participants are in safe and affordable housing,
  • 72% of our participants are working 20 hours or more a week,
  • 78% have maintained the same job for three or more months
  • 89% have made progress towards financial literacy.

What TPP participants say about the program

  • They really make you feel genuinely cared about
  • This agency actually cares and are genuinely trying to change our lives for the better, even though we started out with low odds of being successful.
  • CHS is actually there to help you with whatever you need
  • It’s way more independence and a lot more stability and care

If you would like to refer a young person to either of our programs or if you are a young adult aged 18-25 who has aged out of foster care and would like to apply to the program, please:

Click here to download our TPP program flyer

Click here to download our TPP program application form

Click here to download our TPP-ILA program flyer

Click here to download our TPP-ILA program application form

For more information on The Possibilities Project programs, contact Diehdre Gregory, program manager of The Possibilities Project at or at (804) 353-0191 ext. 336

The Possibilities Project Does Not Provide Emergency Placement.