The Task Force on Transitioning Youth

Task force will use report to inform policy recommendations

The report’s findings on the need to provide supports to transitioning youth, the importance of using research-informed programming, and the benefits of focusing on housing align with My Path Forward’s model thus far. To further this work in Virginia, MPF is launching The Task Force on Transitioning Youth to make policy recommendations for improving access and services provided to youth aging out of foster care. The task force is comprised of experts from across the six key support areas, in addition to aged-out foster youth:

    • Allison Gilbreath, Policy Analyst at Voices for Virginia’s Children
    • Pam Kestner, Deputy Director of Housing at Department of Housing and Community Development,
    • Sarah Mendoza, Peer Network Coordinator at Piedmont Virginia Community College
    • Chris Saxman, Executive Director of Virginia Free
    • Jenny Pokempner, Child Welfare Policy Director at Juvenile Law Center
    • Michael Farley, CEO at Elk Hill
    • Greta Harris, President & CEO of Better Housing Coalition
    • Jon Barrett, VP of Property Management at Better Housing Coalition
    • Senator Barbara Favola
    • Dietra Trent, Virginia Secretary of Education
    • Robert Bolling, CEO of Childsavers
    • Valerie L’Herrou, Staff Attorney at Virginia Poverty Law Center
    • Sandy Henderson
    • Amy Dworsky, Research Fellow at Chapin Hall
    • Liz Pierce
    • Lakeisha Doman, Great Expectations Coach
    • Danny Avlua, Director of Richmond City Health District
    • Robyn McDougle, Interim Director for the Center of Public Policy at VCU
    • Suzanne Grable, Assistant Director New Kent DSS, VLSSE member

The task force aims to complete its work in mid-2018 and expects that its recommendations could be implemented in states facing the same challenges as Virginia.

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