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Children’s Home Society of Virginia 2022 Impact Report

Our 2022 fiscal year has ended, and we are proud to share with you our Impact Report!

In our impact reports, we strive to highlight each of our programs, share exciting statistics, and feature stories from amazing adoptive families.

This year’s report is no different.

Below are highlights from each of our programs:

Please keep reading to learn more about the families we were able to serve this past year because of your generous support!

Foster Care Adoption

Virginia has more than 700 children in the foster care system who are waiting to be adopted. We are proud to work alongside local departments of social services to find adoptive families for these children, youth, and sibling groups. During our 2022 fiscal year, we:

  • Served 144 foster children
  • Placed 89 children with a loving family
  • Served 55 adoptive parents
  • Finalized 48 adoptions!

Here is what one special family had to say about their adoption journey:

“Adoption gave us the opportunity to create our family. We found kids that we love to the moon and back. It’s not always easy, but it’s the best choice we ever made!”

Post Adoption Program

CHSVA understands that adoption is a lifelong process. We are committed to providing high-quality, personalized support services for children and families at any point after adoptions have been finalized. 

Here are some encouraging statistics about the success of our Post Adoption Program during 2022.

  • 209 children, youth, and adoptive parents were served through our facilitation of adoptive family peer support activities.
  • 172 clients were served through individualized family services, including case management, parent coaching, and clinical supports.
  • 156 children, youth, and families were served through the provision of respite care and adoptive family training.

You help us support adoptive children and families!

My Path Forward

My Path Forward is a collaboration between the Children’s Home Society of Virginia and Better Housing Coalition, Richmond’s premier community development organization providing high-quality affordable housing and building vibrant communities. 

My Path Forward provides housing and wrap-around services to aged-out foster youth in Virginia.

We accomplished so much during 2022!

  • 24 youth successfully completed program goals.
  • 24 youth were provided safe, quality housing.
  • 92% of youth became employed.
  • 100% of youth connected with a permanent adult mentor.
  • 100% of youth received mental health counseling and supports.
  • 92% of youth maintained health insurance and accessed medical care.

Through hard work and with the support of her My Path Forward Case Manager, Jackie achieved significant accomplishments just six months after starting the program. She also acquired important life skills, received emotional supports to address her lifetime of trauma, and received all the intensive medical interventions that she required. Jackie is now very excited about the future. In fact, she wants to go to college and pursue a career in the medical field that will allow her the opportunity to help individuals who have lived through challenging life experiences similar to hers!

Search & Reunion

Our Search and Reunion program offers education and supportive counseling to adult adoptees, birth families, and adoptive parents when they inquire about connecting. Whether they seek heritage information, medical history, or the possibility of connecting directly, they receive one-on-one assistance as they navigate this process from start to finish.

  • 149 people were served during 2022 through inquiry calls.
  • 71 people were served with adoptive and/or birth family updates.
  • 63 individuals were served through search and reunion.
  • 6 people were served with heritage summaries.

Your support helps us be a lifetime adoption resource!


Our Advocacy work includes collaborating with state and local leaders on foster care and adoption best practices. We engage families and youth with lived experience and work to amplify their voices. We provide advocacy training and opportunities to meet with legislators to share their stories and perspectives, including through our annual Foster Care Advocacy Day.

Advocacy Day 2022 involved our staff and community partners teaming up with adoptive families, including CHSVA adoptee, Bonnie Calliotte, adopted as an infant in 1955, to educate the General Assembly on foster care issues. 

Here are important statistics we were able to accomplish in 2022!

  • 68 legislators were educated on foster care and adoption.
  • 39 youth and families were engaged in Advocacy work.
  • We advocated for bills to support children and youth touched by foster care.
  • We hosted Annual Advocacy Day at the Virginia General Assembly.
  • We presented at the Workforce Development Roundtable hosted by Senator Mason.

Your support helps us to advocate for improved outcomes for foster children and youth, ultimately making communities stronger!

2022 Impact Report

The Impact Report also details our 122nd Anniversary Celebration, tells more inspiring stories about the families we helped, and spotlights our generous donors! To read the full Impact Report, please click here.

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