Program Overview

Since 1998, our nationally recognized Foster Care Adoption program has been committed to finding permanent, loving homes for Virginia’s children in the foster care system. Virginia has over 700 youth waiting to be adopted, and Children’s Home Society partners with local departments of social services to find families for older youth and sibling groups in foster care. Youth are placed in foster care due to abuse or neglect and need well-equipped families to help them build trust and thrive within a family.

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Children’s Home Society strives to maintain reasonable costs to the family when adopting children and teens because we believe good kids need good homes. We want to find just the right family to meet the needs of each of these children. Being part of a loving family is important to all of us – especially to a child in the child welfare system. Many people have misconceptions about the adoption of an older child from foster care, but the process is easier than you think. The information below outlines the basic adoption process with our agency. Visit our FAQ page for more specifics about foster care adoption and our application requirements.

Please email or call Laura Pitts at (804) 353-0191 for more information.


Completing an orientation session allows families to learn about foster care adoption, as well as reflect on their motivations and expectations. During an orientation meeting, families can speak with a social worker, review additional resources, and register for our parent training. CHS social workers hold individual orientations for interested families upon request. If you are ready to take the first step toward adopting a child in foster care, email or call Laura Pitts at (804) 353-0191.

Get Started


The best way to prepare yourself to adopt a teen is through education. CHS provides families with intensive training to understand how abuse and neglect impact a teen’s ability to trust others and how trauma impacts development. Topics include: trauma, attachment, behavior management, grief and loss, and birth family connections. Speakers include: CHS staff, a child psychologist, a licensed attachment therapist, and experienced adoptive parents. Training is held for three Saturdays from 9am-3pm. Sessions are offered several times throughout the year for a small fee. You can see our upcoming training dates here.


In Virginia, state law requires families to have an approved home study in order to adopt a child. Following training, families may submit an application for a home study. The home study process allows CHS to gather information about you so that we can match you with a child whose needs you are equipped to meet. The process will further educate and prepare you for adoption as we determine together your readiness to adopt. The home study is comprised of at least three interviews with a CHS social worker, including a visit to your home. Our social workers will request criminal background checks, a search of the child abuse registry, DMV records, medical and financial histories, and personal references.


Once you have been approved, you begin a period of waiting to be matched with a child. This period can last a few weeks or a few years. The amount of time you wait usually depends on the type of child you feel comfortable parenting. Families tend to wait longer for children with mild needs. The local DSS agencies make decisions regarding the placement of a youth. CHS works collaboratively with them to advocate for good matches. Families may also be asked to participate in an interview with the DSS agency. Once your family is matched with a child, CHS and the DSS agency will work together to set up visits with your family and to your home prior to placement.


Once the child has moved into your home, you will have at least six months of supervision by the DSS agency. The child remains in DSS custody until the adoption is legally finalized. Since we view support as a key component of success, CHS requires that adoptive families receive at least one year of supportive counseling and services. Families are also invited to attend additional trainings and events, including adoptive family gatherings and Kid’s Club.


Children’s Home Society is proud to be a Wendy’s Wonderful Kids Agency. The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption has one mission: to dramatically increase the number of adoptions from foster care. It does that through its signature program called Wendy’s Wonderful Kids. Through this program, the Foundation funds grants to adoption agencies that hire specially-trained adoption recruiters whose sole mission is to find permanent, loving families for children waiting in foster care. The WWK program focuses on children over the age of 8, sibling groups and those with special needs as they are most at risk of aging out without being adopted. You can email or call Krista Watson at (804) 353-0191.

To learn more about the Wendy’s Wonderful Kids program, please visit the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption website.


Training Fee: $150/per person for 18 hours of training

Home Study Fee: $1,500  ($500 to be paid at time of application, $500 after first interview, and $500 during the home visit)

Home Study Addendums: $500  (for situations including change of address or other need of update based on State requirements)

Update of Home Study following an adoption: $1,000  (if updated within 24 months of receiving final order of adoption)

*Fees Effective January 1, 2018


For Virginia families who come to us with an identified, agreed-upon match with an agency in another state, CHS is able to complete the training, home study approval, and placement supervision on a case-by-case basis. Services may be provided at a fee, or may be covered by contracting with the sending agency in the other state. Facilitating the process through the Virginia ICPC Office is required.

Additional fees include:

Interstate Compact Fee: $1,500

Post-placement supervisory visits: $325/per visit

Court report and supporting documents to finalize the adoption: $250

Please email or call Laura Pitts at (804) 353-0191 with questions.