CHSVA/BHC Research

In Virginia, over 500 youth age out of foster care each year. Each youth that ages out costs society an average of $300,000 over the course of their lifetime.

CHSVA Panel of Experts Developed a Range of Policy Recommendations

Children’s Home Society of Virginia and Better Housing Coalition led a panel of local, state, and national experts to identify legislative and administrative policy recommendations to support those youth. These recommendations are rooted in research and best practices, promoting permanency and normalcy for youth in foster care and successful independence for youth who have aged out of foster care.

We believe that allocating adequate resources is a necessary investment in the lives of children and youth in foster care.
Click here to read the CHS Panel of Experts Policy Recommendations Brief.

CHSVA and Better Housing Coalition commissioned ChildTrends to conduct nationwide and Virginia-centered reports on extended foster care services

According to recently completed research, some states are providing young people who have aged out of foster care support services, but this is not happening consistently nor effectively. Children’s Home Society of Virginia, in partnership with the Richmond-based Better Housing Coalition, is changing the paradigm. My Path Forward is on the forefront of research and best practices in this field.

With support from the Robins and Brookfield Foundations, CHSVA and BHC commissioned nationwide and Virginia-centered reports on extended foster care services to strengthen and inform its practices. Conducted by Child Trends, a leading nonprofit research organization, the reports will be utilized by practitioners, program providers and policy makers throughout the state and nation.

To apply the findings of this important research, CHSVA/BHC is launched The Task Force on Transitioning Youth to make policy recommendations for improving access and services provided to youth aging out of foster care. The task force is comprised of experts from across the six key support areas, in addition to aged-out foster youth. Click here to review our panel of experts.

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