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Photo of Cody

Cody is full of life and a very sweet child. This 12 year old enjoys sports, games, staying active, and values a structured home life. Cody understands the importance of following rules and benefits from visual reminders. Cody engages in his care and is very aware of his needs. Cody doesn’t always express himself with words, however when he smiles, he can light up a room.

Cody loves to help others any chance he can and enjoys volunteering as well. He participated in a youth soccer team and is a soccer enthusiast! He understands that by working together the team can make anything happen. Cody likes playing basketball and football and hopes to be on a baseball team in the future too. Cody also enjoys fishing, camping, and playing with animals.

Cody would benefit from a structured home that provides him the opportunity to be a part of a family. He loves animals and is often a helper. Cody just wants to be a regular kid with a family that genuinely loves him. Can you make that simple dream come true for him?

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Photo of China

China is very social and outgoing. She befriends other children easily, and is very energetic. China loves to perform for others, especially by singing and dancing, and is currently in the drama club. She also likes to ride her bike and play outside. China has participated in the girl scouts in the past and thought it was a great experience. Her appearance is very important to her, and she enjoys shopping and having her hair done. She is currently learning responsibility by cleaning her room and living space. China is inquisitive and responds well to curiosity. She really enjoys school and likes to be a leader among other students. She enjoys being a part of a community, especially through school, church, and family. China do best with a family that can provide her with a consistent schedule and a routine. She thrives when she feels safe, cared for, and understands the expectations she has within the family.

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Photo of Spring

Spring is very active and athletic. She loves gymnastics and play on a club basketball team. In addition to her big imagination and love for telling stories, Spring has a very considerate nature and loves to lend a helping hand. She is quite the performer and will show off her skills for others. Spring responds well to a maternal figure when she needs attention and really likes to be cuddled and hugged. She has a strong desire for connection and affection. Spring enjoys helping other children, especially those who are younger than her. Spring is very thoughtful and thinks about what other people want and need. She would do best with an experienced caregiver who can provide her with unconditional love, security, and be patient with her, especially as she is learning the customs and habits of a new home.

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Photo of Ashton

14 year old Ashton is an intelligent, charming, out-going and curious young man with a contagious smile and laugh! He currently has an A/B average in his classes and enjoys school. Ashton loves to meet new people, ask questions, and will talk to anyone! He participates in the middle school strings program and has played the violin for several years. Ashton does not care for sports so he’s currently taking Taekwondo lessons and cardio classes. He prefers to stay inside and enjoys staying busy by playing video or arcade games, watching movies, and using computers. Ashton is artistic and creative, and finds enjoyment in drawing and coloring in his sketch book, building with Legos, and reading. Ashton will tell you his choice food or snack would be dill pickles and he loathes onions and mushrooms. He tends to be a home body but also is content with going places as long as he is with people who care about him. When he’s not at home, Ashton loves going to arcades, playing laser tag and going roller skating. Ashton is very involved in his church, attends youth group weekly and sings in the choir. When asked about what his favorite type of music is, he says, “I love all music, seriously ALL music!”  Ashton would love to belong to a fun, active, committed and loving family. He would do best as the youngest child.

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Photo of Charlett

Charlett is a sweet 7-year-old girl who always greets you with a smile. Although non-verbal, she loves being included in conversations. Charlett deserves a dedicated family who can provide unconditional love and support along with meeting her special needs. She loves to travel in her wheelchair and participate in outdoor activities. She has been an active participant in a community baseball team for children with special needs. Charlett enjoys playing with toys that plays music or lights up. She loves the company and attention of others. Charlett desires a family who enjoys staying active and including her in the fun!

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Photo of Kate

Katelynn, who prefers to be called Kate, is a vivacious teenage girl who loves to laugh and enjoys spending time with her friends. Singing is her hidden talent and she sings joyfully in front of others without any hesitation. She loves to dance and wants to take lessons one day. Kate takes pride in her appearance, she enjoys having her hair and nails done and making sure her outfits are nice. She is a strong advocate for herself and likes to be a part in exploring her choices, knowing her rights and in making decisions. Like any teenager, Kate loves social media and connecting with others. She stays up on the latest music and enjoys it being played at maximum volume! Kate has the potential to be a strong student and she does well in school overall but desires stability to complete the remaining time she has in high school. Like most kids in care who move around often, her grades have suffered because of the inconsistency. She would do really well with a family who will advocate for her educationally and help her maintain existing connections in her life. Kate needs a family who will be open to having fun while providing unconditional love, support, guidance, consistency and modeling of healthy relationships, in a safe and permanent home.

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Photo of Damien

16-year-old Damien is intelligent, respectful, and has a good sense of humor. He enjoys playing football and basketball, which have proven to be stress relieving and anger reducing activities for Damien. He also enjoys dancing and singing along to rap and hip hop music. Damien loves fashion and likes to wear the most expensive and up-to-date shoes. Damien has matured greatly over time and can accept responsibility for his actions and is remorseful afterwards. Damien does well academically and has expressed a desire to go to college to study urban education. Damien would benefit from a male role model in his future adoptive home.

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Photo of Lance

17-year-old Lance enjoys being active and learning about new things. Lance is a veggie lover and enjoys trying new food. He has expressed a love for Thai, Indian, Dominican and Jamaican food. He enjoys taking time to himself by walking around the neighborhood or through the woods. Lance would love to be adopted but hopes to stay close to where he is now. He has some good friends that are like family. He is excited to explore his options and is hoping to find a family who will accept him for who he is. He would love a laid back family who will trust him and allow him to be a teenager. Lance knows he needs rules and supervision, and he’s learning how to adjust to a home where these exist. Lance is open to a 1 or 2 parent home where there may be kids and pets. He’s open to same gendered couples and has no preference when it comes to race/ethnicity.

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Photo of Maddox

Maddox is 15 years old and is the definition of a “true gentleman,” for he is always running to open doors for the ladies, he takes his hat off indoors and is described by others as considerate and genuine. He enjoys taking things apart, he has a mechanic’s mind! He is obsessed with motorcycles and loves learning everything he can about them. A few of his favorites right now are the Z125 Pro, Ninja 636 and Ninja 300 winter test edition. Maddox is a very smart young man and would benefit from a structured academic environment in which he can truly apply himself. He is described as having the ability to be a good role model, but has had some challenges in the past forming solid friendships. Maddox is wonderful with animals and has a huge heart. He is able to display high levels of sympathy and empathy for others.

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Photo of Keith

Meet 16 year old Keith! He is one of a kind and enjoys deep conversations with people. He can be outgoing, but prefers to keep to himself and surround himself with one or two people who he feels comfortable with. Keith, as most teens, enjoys electronics and is rather tech savvy! He is interested in coding, hacking and envisions a future involving computers. He has the ability to do very well in school and loves to read. Keith specifically enjoys reading books about post-apocalyptic survival and the paranormal world. He is artistic and enjoys drawing architectural designs for homes. He is a great debater, is highly intelligent and has become a strong self-advocate. Keith is a unique young man and would thrive in a home which is also unique. Ideally, he would be in a home with a single dad who could fulfill the role of big brother or mentor. He would do well in a home with other youth around his age, but he would also do well as an only child. Keith does well with animals and enjoys the companionship they offer. He will do well in a home where the expectations and boundaries are clear but where the structure is different than what is typically seen in a family. Keith will need his caregiver to be committed and willing to join in on therapy sessions. Relationships can be challenging for all youth in foster care and Keith needs someone who is ready to stick by him, lifelong.

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Photo of Anahi

Don’t let her petite size fool you—Anahi is full of personality and has more energy than she knows what to do with! This 16-year-old loves to spend the day outdoors and enjoys being active. Her favorite outdoor activities include playing basketball, four corners, football, and jumping rope. She loves talking, laughing, and getting her nails done when she’s hanging out with friends. One thing Anahi would like everyone to know about her is she never gives up, even when she goes through hard times. If you were to peek into Anahi’s room, you would be able to tell she is neat, bright, and creative. Anahi enjoys school (for the most part!) and dreams of becoming a psychiatrist when she grows up. She has big ideas, big dreams, and big goals in life. Anahi needs support and commitment from an adoptive family who will be her biggest cheerleaders of all.

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Photo of Keyatta

Placement in Progress

Keyatta is an energetic 16-year-old with a sense of style, a passion for dance, and a curiosity about everything. Her bubbly personality and funny stories are bound to put a smile on your face! She is rarely at a loss for words, and enjoys discussions and direct conversations. Her favorite activities include shopping, doing ballet, and spending time with animals. Keyatta enjoys school, and her favorite subject is English. She currently volunteers at a local hair salon and looks forward to interacting with the customers. Her goal is to go to college and pursue a career as a child domestic abuse lawyer.  She has experienced a lot of change and disappointment, and she is very resilient!

Keyatta describes her ideal family as one that would have good communication, laugh together, provide support, and take care of each other. She will thrive in a two-parent or single mother home in which she is the youngest or only child. She would do best in a patient, committed family that would provide her with security and consistency while continuing to help her make progress toward her goals. Keyatta is very eager to find a family that will help her maintain her current connections and be a part of making new ones!

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Photo of Ethan

Placement in Progress

12-year-old Ethan is a smart, funny and lovable young man. He enjoys playing basketball, football and riding his bike. He is very active and would thrive in an active family that spends time outdoors. Indoors, Ethan enjoys board games. Ethan does well academically, is very intuitive, and enjoys learning new things. Ethan’s favorite subject in school is science. Ethan attends and enjoys church in his current placement and would like a family who values church. He states he would love to have a family with pets. Ethan will do best in a family with no other children that will provide structure with support, affection, and plenty of one-on-one attention.


Photo of Daniel

Placement in Progress

Hey I’m Daniel. I’m very family-oriented, I would  like a loving and caring home with family members who will accept me for who I am. I am very kind-hearted. I like to play football. I love animals, especially dogs and horses. I have a dog who’s deaf and I call her BB. She is 16 years old and I would love to keep her in my life. I’m active and I enjoy fixing cars and riding 4 wheelers. I’m very good with little brothers and little sisters; they seem to love me for some reason! I’m not in contact with a lot of my birth family right now, but I would like to be. I am very helpful and love to cook. Some people think I look a lot older than I am. I am a very good conversationalist and I enjoy talking about life and cars. I enjoy school a little (because of being able to hang out with friends), but I’m a good student. I’m open to a 2 parent or 1 parent home, with or without kids. I’m looking for a family who will be my rock and help me get set up for a successful future. I’d love to be a veterinarian or a mechanic because I love animals and I love cars. Maybe I’ll be Dr. Daniel with a side business of restoring old muscle cars while hanging out with my dogs in the garage. Thanks for taking the time to read about me. I’d love to be a part of your family.


Photo of Cameron

Placement in Progress

Cameron is one of the funniest 16-year-olds you will meet! He is bright, goofy, and loves to laugh and make others laugh. He enjoys sharing and discussing events that are going on in the world as well as the interesting topics he is learning in school. Cameron’s favorite activities are watching Seattle Seahawks games, and playing video games, board games, and basketball. He also likes doing puzzles and listening to country music. He has a strong Christian faith and has enjoyed being active in his church community and attending summer camps. He is a good helper who values being part of a team and would benefit from having structured opportunities for chores and independent living tasks.

Cameron has experienced a lot of disappointments in his life, and he deserves a patient, experienced family who is familiar with providing a structured environment while helping him progress in his goals. He would do best in a two-parent or single parent home, with supervision and activities to keep him engaged. He would do well with same age teens or as the youngest or only child in the home. Cameron desires a family open to preserving the connections he has with his biological sisters.


Photo of Andrew

Placement in Progress

Andrew is a fun, hilarious, shy yet outgoing, typical teenage boy. He’s well-liked by his peers and is viewed a leader. He’s into the most popular music (of today) and has short little dance moves to go with said popular music. Andrew thrives off of his time with friends, is loyal, keeps people laughing, and loves video games and comedies. Andrew takes a lot of pride in his appearance and likes to wear what he LOVES, not what is trendy at the time. Right now, he’s into wearing VANS shoes and preppy pastels. Andrew is extremely active and is an incredible basketball player. He is FAST and brings competitive energy to his team. He can throw a football out of sight and probably run to catch it before it hits the ground! Andrew does well in school overall and has been stable in his current placement. He’s ready for one last move, into an adoptive home, so he can get set up to launch into adulthood, yet still belong to someone and have a safe place to call home when things get tough in the real world.


Photo of Jacob

Placement in Progress

This young man is FULL of personality! Jacob is 15 years old and loves to smile, laugh, and try to see the positive in things. He enjoys school. He particularly likes Reading, English, Math and Art, and, of course, the social aspect of school! Jacob enjoys watching funny movies and loves anything with Will Ferrell in it. Jacob likes watching documentaries, funny TV shows like Ridiculousness and reality TV shows like Duck Dynasty. Jacob is in great shape and enjoys being active. He loves most sports and is really hoping to get into boxing in the near future. He recently learned how to wrap his hands for boxing by watching YouTube videos.  His favorite sports teams are the Redskins and the Broncos. Jacob dreams of becoming a professional boxer when he grows up, and his backup plan involves being a businessman of some sort. He hopes to find a family who will keep him active, commit to him lifelong, embrace the connections he already has, and let him be a kid!


Photo of Lila

Placement in Progress

Lila is a loving and caring 17-year-old who forms bonds quickly with her caregivers. Lila is limited verbally but is able to express her needs and wants by leading others to what she wants or using her communication books. Lila is noted to have high awareness of people around her. She enjoys music, movies, playing outdoors, Play Dough, looking at books, completing puzzles, singing, and playing with blocks. Lila is a chocolate lover who thrives in being outdoors, particularly on the swings. She also likes dancing, especially with others. Lila likes to be independent with her self-care needs.

Lila needs a family who is familiar with special needs children who can offer her a calm, predictable environment with consistent day to day routines. Adoption is a lifetime commitment, and with Lila, a family needs to be open to having Lila in their home lifelong.


Photo of Joey

Placement in Progress

Watch out if you see Joey coming your way on his skateboard! Joey is 17 years old and is described by others as a “man of few words.” He is into sports and enjoys being outside most of the time. If it is during a season where there are a lot of bugs outside, you may not see him too much because Joey detests bugs. He is mechanically inclined and really enjoys taking things apart to put them back together. This young gentleman is quite the history buff and enjoys learning fun facts about our past, specifically about World War I.

Joey is open to being adopted and hopes that his new family has a dog or is open to getting a dog!

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