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Photo of Ludyn

Ludyn is a quiet young man whom everybody loves. He can appear shy until he becomes comfortable with new people. Ludyn is careful to show his appreciation for anything others do for him. Ludyn loves to stay active and has many interests, such as playing basketball, fishing, swimming, and playing video games. Like most teens, his favorite activity is really anything that involves hanging out with his friends. Ludyn will do best in a home where he is the only child or the youngest child. He is family oriented, respectful, mature and helpful. Ludyn has made significant progress in school and has been encouraged to apply for honors programs. His team would love to hear from interested Virginia families who can commit to helping him maintain his relationship with his siblings. If you believe you have what it takes to help guide Ludyn through his teenage years and give him the family he deserves, we can’t wait to hear from you!

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Photo of Elies

14-year-old Elies is into tattoos and technology! He prefers to be called “Eli” and he is in planning mode for a tattoo he hopes to get once he turns 18, he enjoys thinking about the design. Elies is pretty tech-savvy and dreams of working in the IT field when he is older. Eli wants to learn how to successfully become independent and would thrive in a family who can offer a lot of support and guidance during this time in his life. He is open to living anywhere and would be happy in the suburbs or a country like setting, especially if there are animals around! His favorite food is pineapple pizza and he has a healthy appetite. Eli does well in a calm, quiet environment. He finds solace in music and nature. Like most teens his age, he would love to be a part of a family where gaming was part of everyday life. Eli enjoys connecting with others and likes to laugh even though he often comes off as a pretty serious young man.

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Photo of Ra’Son

Ra’Son is a sweet and happy 11 year old who can be incredibly polite and respectful. He typically has a smile on his face and can be a bit shy when you first meet him. Ra’Son is kind, loving, helpful and a good problem solver. He has also been described as creative, intelligent, inquisitive and resourceful. He is proficient with electronics, enjoys playing with a yo-yo and he loves arts and crafts! His excelling in therapy right now because it’s art therapy. He enjoys making bracelets, origami and building blocks. He is also athletic and excels at most sports he tries. Ra’Son has experienced loss and rejection in his life and is open to finding a new family; a family who will commit to him and allow him to feel a sense of belonging and safety. It may take some time to gain his trust as he has had people let him down in the past.

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Photo of Rajae

Rajae is a typical 15-year-old teenager.  She has a vast array of interests and loves to be active in a variety of ways. She needs firm structure and routine but she does prefer to “mix it up” when it comes to daily activities. One of Rajae’s favorite things to do is swimming.   She is planning to take a Junior Lifeguard certification class over the summer.  She is also going to take a College 101 course which is designed to help her find vocational interests and match those with skills and knowledge that she already has.  She loves to sing and will be participating in chorus over the summer as well.

Rajae has the ability and intellect to be a good student if she applies herself.  Her outgoing personality hinders her in the academic setting as she is easily distracted by her peers and what is going on around her.  She does want to attend a two-year community college and transfer to a traditional four-year program upon completion of her basic required classes. Rajae enjoys eating out or eating at large family gatherings.  When she is asked, she is hard pressed to say what foods she does not like.  Her favorite foods include chicken wings and pizza.  Her favorite restaurant is Chipotle.

Rajae uses coloring, journaling, and decorating her room as an outlet.  She also loves animals, especially dogs and finds them to be therapeutic when tasked with caring for them and simply giving them snuggles. Rajae describes herself as funny and outgoing.  She easily makes friends.  She readily says hello to every person that she knows that passes by her.  Rajae has a vivid imagination and is a very convincing story teller.

Rajae wants a family to know that her “past does not define” her.  She longs for a forever home and a family that will support her and help guide her to grow into the young woman that she desires to be.

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Photo of Grayson

Grayson has fond memories of attending a large church with lights, fog and a loud band. When asked what Grayson wants in a family, his response was, “I really want a family, I care about God and everyone, sometimes I lie and am dishonest but I admit to it. I say sorry when I need to. I’m a good kid.” At the age of 14, he dreams of becoming a Scientist or a Crime Scene Investigator when he grows up. He loves Spiderman, Lil Yachty and comic books. Grayson is into football, baseball and basketball and loves the Seahawks, the Golden State Warriors and the Yankees. You would put a big smile on his face if you gave him a snack of root beer and BBQ Pringles! Grayson would love to belong to a family that is active, loving, committed, fun and kind.

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Photo of Hailey

Hailey is an energetic and fun teenager who is eager to find her adoptive family! She is a creative young lady who loves to draw, script plays, and is an avid reader of fantasy novels. She enjoys being around animals and would love to live in the country! She has enjoyed gymnastics in the past and plays the clarinet. Hailey is in ninth grade and does well in school.

Hailey thrives in an active, structured home and would do best with a family that is committed to providing her attention and support. A preferred home for Hailey would be a single mother or a two-parent home in which both parents are therapeutic in their approach to parenting.

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Photo of JT

JT is a typical 16 year old. He likes to play playing video games, ride bikes, and be outdoors. He is a stellar basketball player; he has enjoyed playing since he was young. JT is on the basketball team at his school and passionately loves the sport. JT’s favorite subject in school is currently English. He has worked hard to maintain an A in the class in his second quarter; despite the challenges that come with virtual learning! JT is very intelligent and in the right environment would continue to excel academically.

In his free time, JT loves to use his art skills and vivid imagination to create.  In the future, he would love to be a world traveler- maybe to Egypt! JT has expressed that his favorite qualities about himself are his ability to be direct, his strong passion for justice and his dedication to improving himself. He values transparency and respect, his motto is “give respect to get respect.”

JT has a close relationship with his older sister and fictive kin.  It is essential that JT keep in contact with his sister in any future adoptive family. He values family and the connections he has with his sister and fictive kin. His fictive kin describes him as “perceptive” and “considerate.” JT has an uncanny ability to read the emotions on others around them, and demonstrates consideration for others by asking them how they are doing.

JT is dedicated to pursuing greater independence as he moves towards adulthood. He is excited to learn more about independent living skills and soaks up lessons from his adult role models and mentors. JT hopes to go to college one day. He is looking to find a family that would love to help him reach his full potential give him unconditional care and support and support him to become a successful adult.

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Photo of Aiden

13-year-old Aiden is described as likeable, social, and resilient. His personality is generally cheerful, bright, enthusiastic, and engaging. Aiden is open to conversation with others and is learning to talk about his feelings. He enjoys social media, YouTube, TikTok, riding his bike, swimming, playing sports, watching TV shows and movies, playing video games, board games and playing outside. He is getting older, so some of his interests are changing and he’s really focused on football at the present moment! He also likes building things. Aiden makes friends easily. His hygiene and daily life skills are good. In the past, has participated in a running club, church activities (youth group), and Upward basketball. Aiden has a strong bond with his brother and sister, and he should continue to have sibling visits. Aiden is also connected to his cousin and her family and should maintain that relationship in the future. Aiden will thrive in a safe, loving, committed home.

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Photo of Dylan

Meet Dylan! This 13-year-old is excited about the idea of adoption and about searching for his forever family. Dylan will do well in a home with 2 parents or with a single dad. His ideal home would consist of a loving family where games of all types are played regularly. Dylan dreams of having a kind and loving family, having a job that is not too complicated and he wishes he could be the smartest person in the universe. He will tell you his spirit animal is a tiger because they are brave, fierce, smart and protective. Dylan’s favorite subjects in school are math and science, but he says he enjoys them all. Some of his other favorite things include slushees, frosties, ice cream and Mexican food. Dylan’s favorite movie is Detective Picachu and he loves video games (especially Minecraft and Roblox).

Piano playing and fiddling with instruments have been interests for quite some time and he also enjoys singing. He is tech savvy and enjoys anything with a screen! He wants his future family to know that he may become a YouTube celebrity and wants to be a computer specialist or an astronaut when he grows up! Seeing volcanoes in person would be something on his bucket list if he were to create one and if he could have a super power, it would be to control the weather. Dylan enjoys being inside playing games or reading but he also likes spending time outside.

Dylan has a beautifully unique personality and enjoys being around people. He loves to laugh, he thrives with praise and does well with one on one time with people who care about him. At times, Dylan needs extra support and guidance when in social situations; over time, a family can model this and encourage him. He is protective over the ones he loves and now we need to find him a family to be protective over him.

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Photo of John

John is rambunctious and thoroughly enjoys playing outside. He loves to play board games and card games such as Chutes and Ladders, Trouble, and Go Fish. John loves to carry on conversations and is very curious about his surroundings. When he is in a new place, he wants to know what everything is and how it works. John has quite the imagination and loves to pretend, especially if he can pretend to drive a large truck with a passenger along for the ride!

John is sweet and polite and enjoys being around others. He would love to have a dog in his new family. John is usually a very happy youngster and takes great pride and joy in helping others.

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Photo of Nevaeh

18-year-old Nevaeh loves wearing Nike, ADIDAS, Yeezys and Gucci. She has recently developed a love for Caramel Frappuccino and her favorite food is a nice hot order of mozzarella sticks. Nevaeh will tell you she dislikes peas (they look like ticks) and mean people. She loves to learn about history, especially if it involves paranormal stories. Nevaeh enjoys going to the movies and her favorite genre would be horror/scary movies!
Nevaeh enjoys writing song lyrics and expressing herself through music; she feels music is the best therapy. She has an interest in guitar and recently took lessons. Nevaeh can be very thoughtful about others well-beings and desires to enter a profession, such as working for the Red Cross, in which she can assist those who experience tragedy. Currently, she is wanting to become a Firefighter!

Nevaeh consistently sticks up for the underdog and those who don’t always have the ability to do so for themselves. She also likes to play basketball, enjoys being goofy, and has a great sense of humor. Nevaeh does best with consistency and predictability. She has a strong desire to be a part of a family, but needs help creating lasting relationships. Nevaeh said, “I need a family who will be patient with me, never give up on me and who will let me be a kid without pushing it, oh and also who will allow me to be super creative.” She deserves a family that can remain dedicated to her through challenging times, especially as she adjusts to understanding her role within a new family.

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Photo of Ny’Quon

Placement in Progress

Ny’Quon describes himself as artistic, smart, nice and confident. He lights up a room with his smile. Ny’Quon does well in school, and enjoys his teachers and classmates. His favorite moment a: school was the Teacher vs. Students basketball game. He loves sports, especially football and basketball.

His favorite NBA team is the Golden State Warriors and Steph Curry is his favorite NBA player. He wants to play professionally when he grows up. In his own words, Ny’Quon describes himself as a great sports player. Ny’Quon says that he is “too GOATed” (Greatest Of All Time) in both basketball and football. Ny’Quon also enjoys drawing, and has a special sketchbook dedicated to his art. Ny’Quon is very creative, and enjoys building Legos and making art. Ny’Quon also enjoys video games, and loves the game “Roblox.” Ny’Quon enjoys spending time with his friends. He is a very social child, and is open to meeting new people. Ny’Quon is quick to make friends, and loves being active.

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Photo of Takoda

Placement in Progress

Takoda is a very lively 12 year old boy with a great imagination. He loves to build Legos. He is great at completing Lego sets. One of his favorite past times is video games and playing on a tablet. He loves to play outside and go on adventures. Takoda has asked for a family who does not curse. He is a great hugger and loves to give lots of hugs and he needs lot of love and support. Takoda also thrives on structure and routines.

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Photo of Hunter

Placement in Progress

If 14 year old Hunter could have any super power in the world, it would be to have the ability to become invisible whenever he wanted. This laid back, quiet young man would love to travel to Japan one day (based off of his interest in anime). If he had three wishes, he would wish for a sweet gaming set up/PC, $1,000,000,000,000,000.00 dollars and his last wish would be to become a famous YouTuber with a ton of followers.

Hunter has dreams of going to college to study computer science. Hunter loves video games, board games, and arcades and can be very competitive.  He likes movies especially in a theater experience.  Hunter is very technologically apt and is always curious to learn more since it is such an evolving field.  His favorite foods are spaghetti, french fries and Burger King Whoppers.  Hunter was born in Louisiana and thinks hot sauce and ketchup are major food groups.  He enjoys the water and likes pool games and just having fun in the water.

Hunter is mild mannered and does well in school.  His favorite subjects are science and math and he is a good problem solver.  He is clever and has a dry sense of humor.  He responds well to clearly defined rules and expectations.  Honesty and loyalty are two of his best virtues.  Hunter gets along well with adults and has been making friends at school.

Hunter is excited about adoption and wants a forever family that he can trust and depend on to be there for him.  He would do well in a family with routines and consistency. Ideally, he would be an only child by choice but if he had siblings it would be really cool if they were gamers!

Click here to view a video of Hunter.


Photo of Michael

Placement in Progress

Michael is a 10 year old boy who loves life. His little smile is contagious and he has a fantastic laugh. Every day, he wakes up happy and ready for a new day. Animals, Legos and superheroes are some of his favorite things. You may find him also spending his free time climbing trees, being a secret spy, counting Pokémon cards or target shooting with his nerf gear. Michael has a great imagination and loves to make people laugh. He is a great conversationalist for his age, it is pretty impressive! His favorite music is country and he also loves listening to Toby Mac. Michael needs parents who will work together to provide him daily structure and screen time limits. He does will with consistent routines and with clear expectations. If you spend any time with Michael, you will find yourself tapping into your inner child, he really knows how to have fun. Michael is ready to find his forever family!

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Photo of Jakob

Placement in Progress

May I introduce you to the next President of the United States? If Jakob cannot be President, he will settle for becoming an Entrepreneur. This curious young man would love to be able to create video games similar to Roblox and Minecraft. Jakob is  very smart, charming and  bright with a lot of sense and knows a lot about a lot He likes challenges and taking on new tasks. Jakob sleeps well and is an early riser! Jakob takes great pride in his appearance and enjoys wearing stylish clothes.

Jakob is doing well in school right now and has been making friends. He is described as nice and kind by many and overall has positive interactions with others. For entertainment, Jakob enjoys playing video games (obsessive at times), watching TV, playing outside and going to car shows. Jakob is looking forward to joining Boy Scouts.  He is athletic and loves playing basketball.

Jakob has been in foster care for quite some time and he feels ready to find his forever family. He is excited about exploring adoption but he is a little anxious and apprehensive about the idea and the process. He will do well with a patient, fun and kind family. Jakob does well with daily routines and clear expectations and complies with house rules. He may struggle when he doesn’t get his way, as most kids do but he is working on this.

Jakob would prefer to be an only child but said siblings are OK. His team feels he will do well  in a 2 parent home with strong parents. He yearns for a mother/son connection and will do well with a strong father figure. We are open to single parents as well who have a strong, supportive village surrounding them.

“My name is Jakob and I am 14 years old. My hobbies are trading card games, watching TV, video games, telling jokes and cleaning. I am a fun-loving child who is looking for a forever family. I am quite nice, I’d like a cat as a preferable pet and my favorite color is stuck between green, gold and black.” -Jakob

Click here to view a video of Jakob.


Photo of Sebastian

Placement in Progress

Sebastian is a fun-loving young man whose interest range anywhere between soccer to tic-tac-toe to remote control cars to movies. His weekends are spent both outside and indoors. He loves diet Dr. Pepper, hugs, chocolate cake with chocolate icing, jolly ranchers, robots and his favorite holiday is his birthday! Whether he is playing soccer outside with friends or inside with a bag of popcorn catching the latest action movie, Sebastian loves to have fun! His witty sense of humor and goofy nature is what makes him adored by many. Along with being funny, Sebastian is also smart and quite the conversationalist! He is looking for a forever family that is patient, loving, supportive and ready to have a hands-on parenting experience!

Click here to view a video of Sebastian.

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