Adult Adoptees

It has been said that adoption is a lifelong journey. Even as adults, there are questions that sometimes remain.

An adult who was adopted as a child may ask: “Who am I?” “What’s in my DNA?” “What were the circumstances of my adoption?”

A birth parent may ask “How can I let my child know about a medical condition in our family?” “Is my child interested in reconnecting now that he’s grown?”

At Children’s Home Society, we know how important it is to help you discover the answers.

Through our Adult Adoptee program, we can provide historical information, share details about your medical history and heritage, and facilitate family relationships – which can include reconnecting with your birth family, or a child who was placed for adoption. We work with adoptees, adoptive parents, and birth families every day.

One important piece of the adoption puzzle is knowing your rights. As well, we want you to feel confident that we are committed to upholding the laws of Virginia as they relate to the rights of adoptees, adoptive parents, birth parents, and birth families.

You can review your rights by viewing this document:
Rights of adoptees, birth family, birth parents, and adoptive parents

If you have questions or would like additional information please contact Kristy Frick at [email protected] or 703-200-6813. We look forward to being a part of your adoption journey.