My Path Forward Advocacy

Transforming the Richmond Region and beyond

My Path Forward Research and Advocacy Initiative (formerly The Possibilities Project) was established because we recognize the need for systemic change on both the policy and administrative fronts in order to improve the outcomes of children and youth who in the foster care system. We embrace the best practice principle that those who will be impacted by system changes as well as community-wide stakeholders should be a part of influencing that change.

Therefore, we brought together a Panel of Experts, including youth in the My Path Forward program, to identify policy recommendations that will better improve the life outcomes of youth who have aged out of foster care and also reduce the number of youth who age out of foster care. Co-chaired by Senator Favola (D – 31st district) and Delegate Peace (R – 97th district), the panel included local, state and national experts in areas such as housing, employment, education, financial literacy, and health care and mental health. The panel has identified 40 policy recommendations that include legislative, administrative and community-based initiatives. With the policy recommendations identified by the community, we will continue our work to implement these recommendations throughout the state. Learn more about our advocacy work here. Contact Cassie Cunningham, Policy Director at or (804) 353-0191 ext. 334 to get involved with our advocacy work.

My Path Forward invests in youth aging out of foster care and changes the trajectory of their lives. We have developed a permanent housing and best practices-based support program to serve as a replicable model for this region, Virginia, and other states around the country. Our innovative approach empowers youth ages 18 to 25 who have aged out of Virginia’s foster care system without being adopted. We provide these young people with critical supports and housing to assist them as they develop into independent and engaged community members.



General Assembly’s Special Session Preserves Some CHS Advocacy Successes

Much like for everyone else, 2020 has been an unpredictable year for the CHS Advocacy team. Ending General Assembly session in March, we enjoyed early success with the General Assembly acting positively on many of our legislative priorities. It quickly became uncertain as we entered the pandemic and economic downturn shortly after the legislative session […]

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Virginia Ranks 50th Again–You Can Help Change That Today

Virginia Ranks 50th Again – You Can Help Change That Today Virginia has fallen back to 50th – worst in the nation – for the rate at which youth age out of foster care. While there are many factors contributing to our high rate of youth aging out of foster care, two big factors are: […]

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Children’s Home Society of Virginia Supports Equity and Inclusion

At CHS we are proud to have served Virginia’s children and families for the past 120 years. Since our start, we have seen many changes in culture and society and have made conscious choices to be a place of safety and inclusivity. Driven by our mission and core values, we continue to support racial justice […]

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The equitable impact of COVID-19: Let us not leave vulnerable populations behind

  Here at Children’s Home Society of Virginia, our work is rooted in 5 core values: Service, Integrity, Collaboration, Compassion and Equity. Equity is ensuring fair treatment, providing equality of opportunity and fair access. Equity does not mean providing everyone the same things, it means providing people with the things they need to be successful. […]

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Foster Care Unified Network: COVID-19 Recommendations

Thank you to Voice’s for Virginia’s Children for leading the charge on ensuring children involved in foster care remain safe, stable and cared for during the COVID-19 uncertainty. We are grateful to be a part of the Foster Care Unified Network who worked together to develop the recommendations below. Thank you to everyone who is […]

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Virginia’s General Assembly Continue to Focus on Improving Foster Care

Thank you to everyone who helped advocate for positive changes to the foster care system during this 2020 General Assembly session! Your voice was heard! We are thankful to each of you as well as the members of the General Assembly for their continued focus on improving the lives of children and youth involved in […]

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Exclusive Interview with “Aged-Out: Finding Home” Documentary Director, Pam Hervey

In January, VPM and 19RED released a new documentary titled “Aged-Out: Finding Home” that provides awareness of The Possibilities Project, a privately funded program for youth ages 18 to 25 who have aged out of the traditional foster care system in Virginia, as well as provides awareness of the difficulties faced by these youth.  This […]

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CHS Featured in Virginia Lawyer Magazine

We are at the tail end of the 2020 General Assembly session and will post an update within the next couple of days on how things are ending up. Spoiler alert: we may have some action items for those interested in joining our advocacy work! As we finish our work this session, CHS was featured […]

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Kicking Off Week 5 of the General Assembly 2020 Session!

We are about to start Week 5 of this General Assembly session and continue advocating for improved policies involving foster care, adoption and youth aging out of foster care. Here’s a look at where some of our priority bills stand heading into Week 5. Codifying Fostering Futures: The Senate has passed their version of this […]

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Foster Care Advocacy Day: A Huge Success!

Thank you to our families, team and partners for a very successful advocacy day today! With over 30 participants, we met with over 20 legislators and staff to share experiences and insights into foster care and adoption. Our families shared their experiences and how the General Assembly can work to solve some of the issues […]

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