Wish List

Thank you for your interest in donating items to CHS! We currently have the following donation needs for our various programs. Please call 804-353-0191 ext 180 and speak with Marny Hackley prior to donating any items so that we can ensure no duplications. No baked goods please.

Please feel free to purchase items from our Amazon Wish-Lists and have them sent directly to the agency!

The Possibilities Project On-Going Needs

To help the young people enrolled in The Possibilities Project everyday, consider making a monthly gift. This would go towards the expenses of keeping the program running.  A small monthly gift can have a long term impact! You can set this up automatically online with the Donate Now button, or call Marny Hackley for more information.

Other items:
Child-sized calendar dry-erase boards (10)
2018-2019 weekly planners (10)
Laundry detergent
Paper products—toilet paper, paper towels
Cleaning products- general cleaning liquids for floors and bathroom
Hygiene items—deodorant, toothpaste, soap
Feminine hygiene products
Bus passes
Gift cards for automobile oil changes and tune-ups
Gift cards to gas stations
Gift cards to drug stores for toiletries
Gift cards for bookstores
Gift cards for movie theater tickets
Clothing gift cards to Target, Walmart, Ross, Marshalls, Burlington, Old Navy, TJMaxx, etc.
Laptops & Microsoft office
Mattress toppers for full beds
Uber Gift cards
Visa Gift Cards
Noise cancelling headphones
Nice suitcases & luggage sets

Granola bars
Kool-aid packets
Pasta sauce
Peanut butter
Pancake mix
Hamburger Helper or other boxed meals
Boxed/bagged mashed potatoes
Fruit cups
Gift cards to Food Lion

To learn more about The Possibilities Project, please click here.

Foster Care Needs

Below are some suggested items to make life more comfortable and fun for our young people who are waiting to be adopted from foster care. You can read more about our waiting teens by clicking here.

Fidgets (ex: spinners, cubes)
Weighted blankets or lap pads
Essential oils and diffuser
Beats headphones/earbuds
Posters for room (video game related, popular music artists)
Starbucks or Chick-Fil-A gift cards
iTunes gift card
Google play gift card (android version of iTunes)
Bookstore gift card
Shoes (gift card to Dicks, Foot Locker, Journey’s, etc.)
Spa, nails, or massage gift cards
Card games
Photo album
Photo frames/collages
Adult coloring books with coloring pencils
Football, basketball, soccer ball, tennis racquet, etc.
Teen book series
Pillow pet toys

Adoptive Family Donation Ideas

During the adoption process, parents and children spend time visiting and bonding with one another. We would appreciate donations of gift cards/certificates for family friendly outings such as movie theaters, bowling alleys, SkateNation, Jumpology, Sky Zone, Chuck E Cheese, Science Museum of Virginia, Metro Richmond Zoo, or local restaurants. You can learn more about how CHS supports our adoptive families by clicking here.

THANK YOU for your generosity. If you are interested in learning more about donating items to CHS, please contact Marny Hackley, 804-353-0191, ext. 180, marny@chsva.org.

Please consider making a monthly or annual donation to support all of our programs with the greatest long-term impact! Your financial support can help in many ways; visit Your Gift’s Impact to learn how. Click here to make an online donation now!