Wish List

Thank you for your interest in donating items to CHS! We are getting ready for the holiday season and have the following donation needs for our various programs. Please check back throughout the year to view our on-going program needs.

Foster Care Youth Holiday Wish Lists

CHS is working with a number of youth who are in foster care and waiting to be adopted. A few of them have shared items that they are wishing for this holiday season. You can read more about our waiting teens by clicking herePlease email Laura Pitts – laurapitts@chsva.org – if you plan to donate any items from these lists, so that we can ensure no duplicates are received. THANK YOU!

Aangel’s wish list: Twilight series; Reese’s PB cups; Sour gummy anything; Shirts- XL or XXL; Pants- 22; Shoes- 10; Hoodie (wants an Everything Everything hoodie); Zebra print blanket; Zebra print slippers; Stuffed animals (really wants a Pitbull to cuddle); MP3 player preloaded with Chris Brown, Cardi B, Nicki Minaj and Drake; Lip gloss; Any type of make up to play around with

Ashton’s wish list: Guitar; Weighted blanket; Google Play gift cards

Nevaeh’s wish list: Jordans or Nike (size: 9.5-10 in mens); Xbox 360; Need for Speed Xbox 360 game; Colored contact lenses (blue, purple, green); Voice/singing lessons; Guitar lessons (she has a guitar); Bike; Hover board

Raymond’s wish list: Best Buy gift card for PC parts; Gift card to local bike shop (Richmond area); Visa gift cards; Tickets to local conventions like Comic con or ones that involve PC gaming

Dymond’s wish list: Gift card to Lilac Nails (9813 W Broad St. Glen Allen, VA 23060); Gift cards for clothes and shoes; Eye lashes/glue; Strawberry lip gloss; Make up supplies; Bath and Body Works; iPhone 7 plus (rose gold) “to make her complete” ha!


The Possibilities Project Holiday Wish Lists

Please call 804-353-0191 ext 180 and speak with Marny Hackley prior to donating any items so that we can ensure no duplicates.

TPP youth #1: Playstation Store gift card, Best Buy gift card, Target gift card

TPP youth #2: Bluetooth or regular headphones (no earbuds please), Amazon gift card, Target gift card, Sushi King gift certificate, extra long Android phone charger

TPP youth #3: Gift cards to Wawa, Walmart, and Target

TPP youth #4: Ipod shuffle (4th generation); Bath & Body Works gift card (or bath and body gift-set); E’TAE hair care products; “feminine/girly clothes” – shirt size: 1x, pants: 18, dress: 18, shoes: 11

TPP youth #5: Sephora and/or Ulta gift cards, Target gift card, Aldo gift card, Wawa gift card

TPP youth #6: Vanity table and chair with mirror; Ulta gift card, Sephora gift card, Burlington gift card, and/or IKEA gift card

TPP youth #7: Bakeware, essential oils kits, aromatherapy kits, gift card to Home Goods or Walmart

TPP youth #8: Gift cards to Walmart, Target, and MetroPCS

TPP youth #9: Shoes: size 9 – 9 1/2; Clothes: Shirts 2x, Pants 18-20; Car items: steering wheel cover, wipes, hand vacuum, air fresheners; gas gift cards; Hair tools for short African American hairTPP youth #10: Red or black steering wheel cover, car scents, gas cards, Target gift cards

TPP youth #10: Red or black steering wheel cover, car scents, gas cards, Target gift cards

TPP youth #11: Game Stop gift card, a black Nintendo 3DS; Final Fantasy Ultimania Archive Vol.2 (book), VISA gift card


In order to have items arrive in time for the holiday party, please deliver all donations (no wrapping please) by December 12.

One of our biggest on-going needs is transportation. We would love to accept donations of bus passes, VISA gift cards, or even a car(!) that could be given to a TPP youth who needs it for his or her continued success.

To help the young people enrolled in The Possibilities Project everyday, consider making a monthly gift. This would go towards the expenses of keeping the program running.  A small monthly gift can have a long term impact! You can set this up automatically online with the Donate Now button, or call Marny Hackley at 804-353-0191 ext. 180

To learn more about The Possibilities Project, please click here.

Adoptive Family Donation Ideas

During the adoption process, parents and children spend time visiting and bonding with one another. We would appreciate donations of gift cards/certificates for family friendly outings such as movie theaters, bowling alleys, SkateNation, Jumpology, Sky Zone, Chuck E Cheese, Science Museum of Virginia, Metro Richmond Zoo, or local restaurants. You can learn more about how CHS supports our adoptive families by clicking here.

THANK YOU for your generosity. If you are interested in learning more about donating items to CHS, please contact Marny Hackley, 804-353-0191, ext. 180, marny@chsva.org.

Please consider making a monthly or annual donation to support all of our programs with the greatest long-term impact! Your financial support can help in many ways; visit Your Gift’s Impact to learn how. Click here to make an online donation now!