Program Overview

Children’s Home Society understands that adoption is a lifelong process. We are committed to providing high-quality, personalized support services for children and families after a placement or finalization, to increase the likelihood of successful adoptions and reduce the child’s emotional and behavioral challenges. Throughout the lifetime of an adoption, struggles related to loss, grief, identify, attachment, and trauma are relevant issues for children and their families. Our well-rounded program was specifically designed to meet the unique individual needs of each child and family—from advocacy to respite—with the ultimate goal of building strong, permanent families for life.

No matter how long ago you adopted, we’re here to help. Many of our post-adoption services are free due to generous grant support from the Virginia Department of Social Services and Altria. If you’re interested in learning more about our post-adoption support services, please call us 804-353-0191 x200.

Please note: For heritage information and reunification services please visit our Search and Reunion page.


Parent Coaching: Families in the Richmond and Fredericksburg regions are able to take advantage of working with our Post Adoption social workers on an individualized basis to process and plan for dealing with the special needs of their pre-adoptive and adoptive child or children. Our Post Adoption social workers are Licensed Clinical Social Workers with specialized education in trauma and attachment, as well as training in effective parenting methods and responses for children from hard places. Families receive weekly coaching based on their schedule and needs, in person or over the phone.

Family Support Services: Our Post Adoption Program is able to support families by providing a variety of supportive services to include:

  • Resources for adoptive parents and referrals to knowledgeable services providers
  • Education on trauma, attachment, the adoption process, and the “key players” in the process
  • Online and in-person networking opportunities for families to create adoptive communities of support
  • Advocacy on behalf of families to meet their needs with service providers

Kid’s Club: CHS invites your adopted child to participate in Kid’s Club, which we host throughout times a year. During Kid’s Club— which is open to kids ages 6 to 18—your child will enjoy safe, fun, age-appropriate activities and have the chance to get to know and interact with other adopted kids. CHS’s trained social workers host the activities as well as lead discussions about adoption. Kid’s Club also provides an important respite opportunity for parents. Some fees may apply for Kid’s Club. Click here to check our events calendar.


Richmond area
Sara Buckheit
804-353-0191 ext. 200 

Fredericksburg area
Anna Yates