Adopt A Child or Teen From Foster Care

Since 1998, our nationally recognized Foster Care Adoption program has been committed to finding permanent, loving homes for Virginia’s children in the foster care system. About 1,100 children and teens remain waiting for adoptive homes throughout the state. To meet some of our waiting children, click here. Read about more of Virginia’s waiting children at

These children are in the custody of various departments of social services. Many have experienced neglect and/or abuse and will have risky futures without a permanent family. There are minimal fees when adopting children and teens from foster care through Children’s Home Society because we believe good kids need good homes. We want to find just the right family to meet the needs of each of these children. Being part of a loving family is important to all of us – especially to a child in the child welfare system.

Many people have misconceptions about the adoption of an older child from foster care. But the process is easier than you think. Click here to learn more.


If you are ready to take the first step toward adopting a child in foster care, email or call Laura Pitts at (804) 353-0191, or attend one of our orientations.

Wendy’s Wonderful Kids


Children’s Home Society is proud to be a
Wendy’s Wonderful Kids Agency. Our Wendy’s Wonderful Kid’s Recruiter is focused on finding adoptive families for children in foster care. You can reach Krista Watson at (804) 353-0191 or email.

To learn more about the Wendy’s Wonderful Kids program, please visit
the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption website.

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