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Driving support for The Possibilities Project!

Here is a tribute to compassionate people! Thanks to a CHS supporter who became very interested in The Possibilities Project (which provides housing and services to at-risk transitioning foster youth,) a car was donated to the program for a youth who needed transportation. What a timely donation it was! The Possibilities Project youth had just enrolled in a certification program to augment his employment when his car had unrepairable engine problems. He was anxious that the independence and progress he had been working so hard to achieve was now set back because of this!

When he was presented with this donated car, he was so grateful, commenting “This is such a blessing”, “It is so clean!” and “Are you serious? I can have this?” He is now fully engaged with his work and vocational training, and will continue his transition to being fully independent! It’s amazing what can be accomplished through the giving of thoughtful and generous people! THANKS from all of us at CHS!

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