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It’s the Season of Giving: Donate to Our Red Stocking Campaign

As National Adoption Month comes to a close, Children’s Home Society of Virginia is celebrating 120 years of innovation. That’s right—for 120 years, we have been hard at work serving Virginia’s youth.

CHS has helped more than 14,000 youth find their permanent, loving home. We have placed infants all the way up to teenagers into forever homes from foster care. We could not have done this important work without you!

More than 75% of our support comes from generous donors. As we double down on our efforts to change lives and strengthen Virginia’s adoption policies, we ask that you thoughtfully consider doing the same. 

Unfortunately, Virginia is still ranked 49th out of the 50 states for children who age out of foster care without being adopted. We desperately want to change that. 

Local Charities to Donate to: 2019 Red Stocking Campaign

Red Stocking Campaign | Local Charities to Donate toOur Red Stocking Campaign is a great way to put your money toward a wonderful cause and to learn more about our innovation through the years.

Donate to our Red Stocking Campaign to support our efforts and to help us find safe homes for children of all ages. Currently, there are nearly 1,000 children waiting for an adoptive family in Virginia.

When you donate, you can request a 2020 calendar. Each month in the calendar discusses our rich history and details how we got to where we are today. You will learn about:

  • Our original presidents
  • Our earliest innovations for child welfare
  • How we have managed the unique needs of local populations
  • Where we have served geographically
  • How we advanced the education of trained social workers
  • How our services prevailed during the Great War
  • And more

Local Charities to Donate to: Children's Home Society of Virginia | Red Stocking CampaignThe calendar spans every decade, from the 1900s to 2010 and beyond. Together, we can continue to make a difference for Virginia’s youth and families, one child at a time.

Here’s how we made a difference for Virginia’s youth and families last year:

  • 431 children and parents benefited from post-adoptive counseling.
  • 100% of families reported improved family dynamics as a direct result of CHS services.
  • 112 foster children received case support to move toward adoption.
  • Nearly four foster children were adopted each month.
  • 60 legislators were educated on adoption and foster care issues.
  • The at-risk young adults we are serving in the Possibilities Project maintained a 100% employment rate.

It is our hope that you and your family will enjoy this calendar all year long. It conveys our rich history of innovation and how we have adapted to the needs of Virginia’s youth over the span of twelve decades.

Please consider a contribution to our 2019 Red Stocking Campaign, and help us enjoy another 120 years of service to Virginia’s at-risk children and youth.

Children’s Home Society of Virginia | Virginia Adoption Agency | Adoption Services

In addition to adoption services, we also have a post-adoption program that includes parent coaching and family support services.

We understand that adoption is a lifelong process. That is why we are committed to providing high-quality, personalized support services for children and families starting at the adoptive placement through finalization and beyond. Throughout the lifetime of adoption, loss, grief and trauma impact children and their families. Our well-rounded program is designed to meet the individual needs of each child and family—from advocacy to respite—with the goal of building strong, permanent families. 

We also founded the Possibilities Project, a collaboration between us and the Better Housing Coalition. This project strives to transform the lives of Virginia’s youth who “age-out” of foster care. Opening doors to youth aging out of foster care will make a positive, life-changing impact and create a new path of possibilities for these at-risk young people. We believe that surrounding these young people with the support they need to thrive, while teaching, guiding, coaching and challenging them will help them to develop into successful, independent adults.

During the time of year-end-giving, if you’re looking for local charities to donate to, we hope you consider supporting CHS this year. Now more than ever, Virginia’s children and youth need you!

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