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Carlos came to My Path Forward from another independent living program that DSS would no longer pay for because he was turning 21. Unfortunately, Carlos still needed help with learning to become independent.

Carlos wanted to join the military but struggled with basic living skills, managing his impulsive behaviors, and completing his education. His acceptance into My Path Forward was the last chance for him to have the life he wanted. It could have been the difference between serving our country in the military or serving time in jail.

He was accepted into the My Path Forward program and began to set clear goals with the help of his Case Manager and Life Skills Coach. MPF was able to get Carlos a tutor to help with his studies and introduced structured responsibilities and expectations. It didn’t take Carlos long to see progress in his coursework, self-discipline, and grasping basic life skills such as maintaining an apartment, shopping for himself and making health appointments.

However, he continued to struggle with maintaining fitness and passing his military entrance exam. My Path Forward connected him to a mentor who retired from years of military service. This mentor was a lifeline for Carlos; in a few months, his confidence and motivation grew significantly.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Carlos told us that he wouldn’t know how to handle the current circumstances if he had been on his own. He expressed his gratefulness to be in a safe place, avoiding trouble, accomplishing goals, and staying focused “even though the world is falling apart. ” We hope to celebrate his successful enlistment by the end of the year.

Outcomes like this are possible because of your continued support and donations.
Carlos has a safe home and stable employment despite the unimaginable challenges he and other Virginia youth now face. Your support has helped us build a program and an environment where Virginia’s youth can reach their full potential without ever becoming a cost to society.

Amid this ongoing pandemic, which affects the disadvantaged populations we serve even greater than society at large, these deserving youth need our help now more than ever. Please reach out to CHS President and CEO Nadine Marsh-Carter for more information about the at-risk youth we serve—and opportunities for your vital support.

804-353-0191 x260 — [email protected].