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James is a young man who reached out to My Path Forward (formerly The Possibilities Project) once he was asked to leave an apartment he shared with three other “friends” due to his inability to pay his share of rent and utilities.

A few weeks prior, he lost his job at a local restaurant due to the COVID-19 crisis and struggled to find employment because he had no additional employment skills and no experience outside of being a server. Restaurants were not hiring new employees. James didn’t have much in savings because of poor money management. As a former foster youth, he had no family and no one to turn to for help. He reached out to his former Social Worker who connected him to My Path Forward.

James was facing homeless and hopelessness in the middle of a global pandemic. He was accepted into the program and worked with his My Path Forward team to ensure that he increased knowledge and skills on money management, employment, and returned to school to complete his GED. He’s enrolled in school to begin August 2020, he’s employed at a local warehouse through the assistance of a partnership with My Path Forward and The Success Foundation, and he’s learning to manage his money so that he can have financial flexibility in case of emergencies. Most importantly, through the program, he was able to have a safe apartment and all his basic needs met so that he could focus on re-building his life.

Outcomes like this are possible because of your continued support and donations. James has a safe home and stable employment despite the unimaginable challenges he and other Virginia youth now face. Your support has helped us build a program and an environment where Virginia’s youth can reach their full potential without ever becoming a cost to society.

Amid this ongoing pandemic, which affects the disadvantaged populations we serve even greater than society at large, these deserving youth need our help now more than ever. Please reach out to CHS President and CEO Nadine Marsh-Carter for more information about the at-risk youth we serve—and opportunities for your vital support. 804-353-0191 x101 — [email protected].
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