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I am a social worker. What is your super power?

March is National Social Work Month

By Laura Ash-Brackley
Chief Programs Officer

“I am a social worker…what is your super power?”

When I came across this saying I loved it! It’s funny and true and reflects my pride in the profession.

What really is a super power? If you Google super power and you find the word ability.  You will also find the 100 super powers you wish you had…or which ones are considered the best super powers…or even a list of random super powers. Super powers are usually seen in comic books characters, cartoons or in movie heroes, so why would a social worker have a super power?

Because social workers possess an amazing array of ABILITIES. We use these abilities to advocate and serve others and understand the importance of human relationships, dignity and self-worth. We give voice to the voiceless, power to the powerless and help to the helpless.

Social workers spend their time with the neediest and the most vulnerable—willingly giving of ourselves so that others may be empowered. Yes, social work is my super power and my clients are my heroes.