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SUPER MOMS Support CHS every month!

Monthly Donors Provide Crucial Support For Our Foster Children And Adoptive Families Programs

Cathy Roller Tyrrell is a mom and owner of Blackbird Salon. In December she contacted us because she and her staff wanted to do something for the community. After a chat, Cathy decided she wanted to sponsor the catering for the Holiday Party for the youth in The Possibilities Project. Her customers also made donations for the Holiday Gift Wish List posted on our website. The TPP Party was great fun and one of the participants in the program said “her heart was smiling and she was touched beyond words for everything she had received.” Cathy also made sure all the youth had salon products so they could look their best in the new year.

But Cathy didn’t stop there; her generosity now continues every month. She wants the youth in The Possibilities Project to know there are people that care about them and, like parents, are always making sure they have what they need. Cathy contacts our Possibilities Project Life Coach to see what is needed each month, and then shops for it. Like a good mom she also prepared Valentine’s Day presents and Easter Baskets for The Possibilities Project youth.

Another one of our super moms, Emma Nesbit, has been making a monthly donation since July of last year! Emma retired from the Army and is demonstrating to her daughter the “power of giving back.” Emma and Winter shopped for plush blankets after hearing from our Wendy’s Wonderful Kids Recruiter that some children in foster care had been complaining about itchy blankets. These children now know they matter because someone cared enough to buy them soft blankets.

Won’t YOU please follow these super moms’ examples, and join our Family Plan by making a gift EVERY MONTH…the donation that keeps giving all year!