Join the PAC!! PAC events are a fun opportunity for adopted children and teens to meet and interact with others who share the experience of having been adopted or in foster care. Trauma informed, adoption competent social workers guide children through a variety of activities encouraging relationship and skill-building. Parents have the opportunity to provide their child with an environment in which they feel included and where trained staff can ensure their needs are met in a healthy way.

The PAC is offered 8 times a year during school breaks and is provided in both Richmond and Fredericksburg.


The PAC is a benefit to adoptive families!

1. Children and teens are able  to interact with others who are adopted. They get to feel connection and  a sense of belonging.

2. Staff conduct therapeutic activities during the day to help children deepen their understanding of adoption and increase their strengths and coping skills.

3. Parents can rest easy and take a day off knowing their children and teens are being cared for by our adoption-competent and trauma-informed social work staff.

4. Joining the PAC, will increase your family’s connection to CHS and our adoption network.


Drop off: 8:30 am

Pick up: 4:00pm-5:00pm

Location (depends on the date):

CHS Richmond at 4200 Fitzhugh Ave.


CHS Fredericksburg at 4701 Market Street

Staff or trained volunteers will transport children to and from the activity that day. In order to get in a full day of play and adoption support, please drop off your children during the designated time. We encourage our parents to utilize one another for carpooling purposes.

Cost: $20 per child

This program is supported by a generous grant from the Virginia Department of Social Services; fees collected are used to cover the cost of transportation only. Payment can be made online. If you are unable to pay online, please contact Sara VanderPloeg at [email protected] or Anna Yates at [email protected]

Ages: Attendees 8-18, Counselors-in-training 16-21

For each PAC event,  we break into groups based on age or interests. If you have a teen or young adult who is interested in helping in a leadership role, they will have the option of participating as a Counselor in Training (C.I.T.). This involves pairing with a staff member to lead the adoption activities and serving as a role model to younger children throughout the day. We recognize the growth our teens and young adults have made and value their input about their own experiences with adoption. Please contact Sara VanderPloeg, [email protected], to apply as a C.I.T.


You must register your child in advance in order to participate in the PAC this ensures we have an accurate count for staff and transportation purposes.

For more information about registration: 

Contact Anna Yates at [email protected] 

                                       Summer 2020

Due to COVID-19, we are not currently able to hold in-person programming. We will provide updates, as soon as we able, about future in-person events. 


Please contact: Anna Yates, Post-Adoption Social Worker: 540-226-0583 or [email protected]