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Kelly reached out to My Path Forward after researching independent living programs. She realized that at 21 years of age, there weren’t many opportunities left for a former foster care youth. After leaving Foster Care and living on her own since 18 years of age, Kelly endured three years of homelessness, job instability, and hardship. She was able to briefly reconnect with her biological sister, but after her sister lost her battle with cancer, Kelly was back on the streets, alone, and struggling with grief/loss. She found herself in a relationship that was physically and emotionally abusive.

Kelly reached the realization that the only way she would be able to survive was to become independent and start the healing process. She came to My Path Forward with the simple goals of “learning to stand on my own two feet and making it to 22 years old”. Withthe relief of being in safe and stable housing, Kelly and her My Path Forward Team mapped out a plan and began the process of building her new path to independence.

Since she’s been in the program Kelly has severed ties with her abusive ex-boyfriend, maintained employment, and participates in weekly individual therapy through My Path’s Forward partnership with a local therapy office. Kelly also completed a successful semester in community college which earned her a scholarship through Better Housing Coalition which will enable her to continue her studies towards nursing.

Outcomes like this are possible because of your continued support and donations.
Kelly has a safe home and stable employment despite the unimaginable challenges she and other Virginia youth now face. Your support has helped us build a program and an environment where Virginia’s youth can reach their full potential without ever becoming a cost to society.

Amid this ongoing pandemic, which affects the disadvantaged populations we serve even greater than society at large, these deserving youth need our help now more than ever. Please reach out to CHS President and CEO Nadine Marsh-Carter for more information about the at-risk youth we serve—and opportunities for your vital support.
804-353-0191 x260 — [email protected].
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