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March is National Social Work Month

By Laura Ash-Brackley
Chief Programs Officer

Did you know that March is Caffeine Awareness Month, National Brain Injury Awareness Month, National Cheerleading Safety Month and National Social Work Month? We celebrate Read Across America Day, National School Breakfast Week and International Women’s Day. In addition, we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and switch to Daylight Savings Time.

March is also a time to celebrate the Profession of Social Work and the contributions that social workers make to society. Nationally, there are over 650,000 social workers, but we are especially proud of the social workers here at Children’s Home Society.

Social Work is a profession of unsung heroes who quietly confront some of the most challenging issues in society. Social workers forge solutions to problems great and small, serving individuals, families, and communities. They help people when they are hurt, vulnerable and often at their very worst. Social workers are able to hear the pain and sit with the suffering while providing compassion, empathy and support. At CHS, our social workers care for birth mothers, help children, and guide families through our services. They listen, they respond, and they help, in order to make others stronger, sounder and more resilient.

Personally, I didn’t know I wanted to be a social worker right away. I thought maybe I would be a nurse, but then I realized that I fainted at the sight of blood. When I thought about what was important and what mattered most to me, it was people — to give them a voice, to give them hope and to work towards justice. While in college, I proudly wore my “I am a social worker” t-shirt, attended community meetings and thought I could change the world. In the course of my career I have worked in many different places: nursing homes, hospitals, social service agencies, and here at CHS. All of these jobs have placed me into the lives of incredible individuals and families. At CHS I am honored to work with a team of dedicated social workers who are supportive of our clients and also each other. Social Work isn’t easy. As you help others you are giving a part of yourself. We do this willingly and honestly because we are authentic and true to our profession.

Celebrating National Social Work month doesn’t come with a parade, party or confetti, but it does come with knowing that you make a difference.